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In Cowansville

near the intersection of route 139/104 and 202, close by Sutton, Knowlton and Bolton.

Nuvo — Car wash // Dog wash in Cowansville

Close by Sutton, Knowlton and Bolton.

Near the intersection of routes 139/104 and 202 in Cowansville — close by Sutton, Knowlton and Bolton, you will find the new car wash and dog wash that everyone is talking about! The car wash is equipped of a new automatic machine without contact. This new facility is equipped with a State-Of-The-Art Touchless, automatic machine. It can wash, rinse & dry your car in under 4 minutes! You prefer to clean your car yourself? This beautiful building with the latest technology, everything you need is all within reach.

LaserWash 360: The newest Touchless car wash that cleans as well as dries your vehicle with efficiency! What makes this car wash so special? It's the integrated dryer that dries your vehicle on the spot so you don't have to move your vehicle. More time is spent cleaning; more foam 3-color, more wax and more RAIN-X (surface protector) for your vehicle.


The ACCESS machine is your one-stop automated payment center for the LaserWash. Very easy to use and payment is fast. You may pay by Visa/Mastercard, cash and/or Prepaid cards that are available. Please contact us for more information.

Nuvo — Car wash // Dog wash has combined vacuum either; 2 vacuum cleaners with 3 powerful motors each. What make easily clean carpets and seats dirtiest tissues. Each of our machines offer unique options like MAGIC CARPET which gives him two options in addition to the vacuum; shampoo carpets and stain remover for stubborn stains out. 2nd is FRESH'n'UP, also a powerful vacuum with a Fragrance Gun and 3 flavors: Cherry, New Car Scent and Pina Colada.

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