Turbo Dryer

Automated washing

LaserWash 360: The newest Touchless car wash that cleans as well as dries your vehicle with efficiency!


You prefer to clean your car yourself? This beautiful building with the latest technology, everything you need is all within reach.

Vending machine

Change machine

Need some wipes? Don't have enough change? We got it! Located in the Dog Wash area...

Vacuum Island

The VACUUM ISLAND consists of 2 Combo-Vacs. The 1st is MAGIC CARPET: this machine offers a powerful vacuum + carpet cleaning brush with 2 options; Carpet Cleaner & SpotRemover. 2nd is FRESH'n'UP, also a powerful vacuum with a Fragrance Gun and 3 flavors: Cherry, New Car Scent and Pina Colada.

Carpet Cleaning

Calcium has left white spots on your car mats? Children escaped their chocolate ice cream cones? NUVO has the solution. We have vacuum, shampoo and stain removers, just to make your life easier!


Apply a good wax on the vehicle is the perfect solution to bring back the luster to your paint. Visit us and give your car a nice bright body! We have the best products.

High speed Air Dryer

Dry your vehicle very easily! The high-pressure blower provides fast drying, non-contact and the final drying is spotless! 180 MPH of air powered to dry your vehicle in few steps!

Dog wash

Just wash your dog without cluttering your bathroom. We have all the necessary products to brighten your pet and give it a good smell. Even if your dog encountered a skunk, we have the products for him!